Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Join us for weekly outfit trouble shooting....

Scenario #1: Those walks to The Junction every Sunday don’t seem to be enough exercise anymore. Could it be that the stop at Bakery Nouveau for a chocolate croissant and a quick smile from the cute bakery boy are nullifying any attempt at weight loss? Or worse yet, could it be the dreaded over-40 metabolism shut down? Whatever the cause, I need to look 10 pounds thinner, pronto, I've got a date with my new online match. He’s seen my picture from two years ago and might not recognize my new butt. Carmilia's and Clementine's to the rescue...I have something to wear. I KNOW the shoes won’t make me look fat, and this dress will cover up most of my croissant-shaped lumps without looking, you know, tent-ish.

Thanks C&C,
WS Shopper #1

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